Plot Virtual Lesson

More practice with the elements of plot

Zoom Room Tips

1. You must log in with your first and last name.

2. Make sure that your webcam and headset/microphone are working before you come.

3. Please be on time. We will close the room ten minutes after the class starts.

4. Be respectful. Please use school-appropriate language in the chat box and when using the microphone.

5. Come prepare to participate.

Common Virtual Class Questions

How many LA virtual classes do I need to come to each week?

You only need to come to one session. We will be covering the same content in each class that week.

Do I have to come to the same time every week?

You can choose the session that fits with your schedule for that week. You have five choices.

  • Mon-12:00
  • Tues- 8:00 and 11:00
  • Wed- 12:00
  • Fri-10:00

How do I get credit for coming to the virtual class?

At the end of class, I will give you a question to answer (exit ticket). It will give you credit for attending class, so please don't leave until you've answered it.

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Click here for our exit ticket.

You must answer the exit ticket to get credit for this week's class.