tyler kite


airfare cost and schedule

The flight costs $1,150,20 im talking a freind,The toatl cost for us is $1,445 that incudles tax my flight starts at 6am- 9;21pm.


Im staying at the dolphin cove for 14 days it cost $2,450 it got very good reveiws and

a nice room


Haning out at the beach driking with our new freinds

snorcling and going to the meseums and im going to a water park


For my transportation im going to get a rental car.

Its a Dodge Avenger its 56.30 perday

Problems to anticipate and solutions suggested

in the bahamas it can be very coundfuesing like when i lost my luggage at the ariport especially when your at the bahamas


over all its a great place to be i denflintlly recommend it for you its a great place to bring your family

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