Lunch with Nast

Funny guy, Radical Ideas.

Who is Thomas Nast?

Thomas Nast is known as the "Father of the American Cartoon", Having created art that critiqued slavery and crime. Nast worked at Harper's Weekly for 25 years. In that time, he was praised for his illustrations of the Civil War, even President Lincoln stated that he was the "best recruiting sergeant" for the Union because his sketches encouraged many to join the fight. During the 1870s Nast primarily focused on political cartoons. Leading a crusade for corruption, using his drawings to remove Boss Tweed and his Peers from their corrupt power. Nast created the still popular donkey and elephant in representation of the republican and democratic Parties.

A. Progressive Governmental Change

Boss Tweed was a corrupt icon at the time. He dominated the Republican Party. Nast brought his corrupt acts to light and he was brought down from his hierarchy.

B. American Change In the US

Nast made many changes in society by using his cartoons for good. He illustrated and critiqued what was going on in congress and the topics of slavery. He also brought attention to the corrupt crime in the Democratic Party.

C. Evidence Not Already Mentioned

Nast promoted a clean government in his illustrations, and in this way the common citizen could understand what was going on in their own government. This was a innovative way to raise awareness in the US.

Progressive Leader Info

Get all of the Stories behind his iconic political cartoons. This is truly a one time opportunity to get lunch with this busy artist.

BY Shelby Doroshow & Victoria Aguilera