Anchor Leader Weekly

May 23, 2016


The word momentum has been on my mind a lot lately. Not only is it the theme for this year's LIFE Conference that many of our youth are attending, but it's also something I apply to our group. Something with a lot of mass (say, for instance, an anchor) can do a lot of damage when it's moving--but it's often slow going trying to get it to move. We've finally started to see a little bit of movement on this big "anchor" that we're pushing, starting to gain some momentum.

I'm so proud of how well our event went this past weekend. Despite bad weather, a Cavs game, and it being our backup date, we were able to interface with a lot of new friends, connect with some old ones, and help everyone have a good time without over-planning everything. I probably cooked a few too many hot dogs, though!

This doesn't mean our adversity is over. I like to think of the story of David and Goliath in I Samuel. Samuel was careful to include the fact that David had momentum in his battle with Goliath--he "ran quickly" toward the front line. But David's momentum didn't get started easily. Despite a fervor for what he felt the Lord calling him to do, there were those who told him all the reasons he shouldn't be doing it. His brother reminded him of the sheep he had to tend to. King Saul reminded him how young and inexperienced he was. But David wasn't discouraged. He knew acutely God's call for his life, both in that moment and beyond. With his momentum and with God on his side, he took down the giant.

Let's use this little bit of momentum that we do have, along with our sense of calling for the young adults at Hope Church and in the Brunswick community, even when we feel discouraged, even when others tell us all of the reasons we can't do something, when we feel we aren't the most equipped for the job. Let's build momentum and help build the Kingdom here in Brunswick.

Love you all.


This Thursday

This Thursday, we will watch an intro video to the More than Enough series, an intro video to this Sunday's lesson, and we will briefly discuss the Leader Guide and Personal Study Guide. Hopefully our meeting will not take that long!

We'll meet at the Weston and Lauren's House at 6:30 PM on Thursday. Please bring some sort of appetizer or light food item.

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