Media Bias Against Religion

The Media's Faults and Bias

Media's Corruption

With changing times in the world, media has become an important part of many people’s lives. It is all forms and shapes everywhere in the world. You can read the news on paper or on your tablet. You can watch the news anywhere. But the media itself is starting to get out of hand. IT IS BECOMING CORRUPT. Media companies now feeding the people lies, and media bias is now becoming more and more popular. There have been media bias against women, muslims and catholics, generalizing and stereotyping them, such examples are “all muslims are terrorists” or “women should not be in the front lines.” These types of problems are caused by the Media’s own corruption and laziness that makes them target a certain group of people whether it is a matter of gender or religion.

The Media is Lazy

Half the time, reporters are being bribed or told to leave out important information. Many people are being hurt. In fact, the suicide rates in America have increased because of the Media’s bias. This needs to be stopped. Media Bias is caused by the media dramatizing stories and not leaving the most stories untouched as they should be, most of the time the reporters report what they are told even if it is wrong. The media bias is also caused by corruption, this is when the media leaves out important information and twist stories to get the viewer on their side. For example if a reporter does not believe in women fighting in the front lines they might leave out details supporting military women and change stories to make women seem unfit for fighting in the front lines. This is a problem we face daily especially against women, muslims and other certain religions. These victims of media bias are generalized and stereotyped to look bad and makes their entire group seem biased. The effect of media bias are serious, such a s social pariahs and in certain times this could even lead to suicide and homicide. American used to be all about equality and equal rights, but all of that could be jeopardized because of the virus that is the media and their bias.