from the Jenatschecks

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

John in 2013

I'm retired and loving it. I start my days by loading Mary's car up for work, then off for a walk, coffee with the neighbors, a little cleaning, short nap occasionally (OK regularly), keep up with the markets, run errands, unload Mary's car at the end of her work day.

Favorite Trips: Visits to the Grandkids.

Favorite TV Show: All Star Wrestling

Favorite Past Time: Pheffer with the Family

Favorite TV Episode: Last episode of Breaking Bad

Wishing all of you a Happy Holidays!

Mom's Egg Coffee Recipe

Our church, Grace Lutheran, is putting together a recipe book in honor of the 75th anniversary. One of the first recipes shared is Mom's Egg Coffee. Brother Mike made a pot of egg coffee over Thanksgiving and the house smelled like Starbucks. Here you go:

Bring to a rolling boil:

3 cups of coffee mixed with one whole egg.

Add to the boiling water and cook 10 minutes.

Stir and pour in a little cold water to settle grounds.

Strain into warm pots and serve.

Mary's 2013

My work keeps me hopping. Each day is different as I work with several schools, attend meetings, and collaborate with my team. It is challenging work but satisfying when things go well.

I try to work out each day and can now jog, even if so slowly, around Clear Lake - just shy of 5 miles!

Favorite Trip: Travel to Seattle for spring break - Pike's Market, Space Needle, and a cruise around the harbor.

Happy Times: Visits with friends... book club, Snap Fitness conversations, coffee shop gatherings, lunch with friends...

Happy Times: Time spent with family.... Thanksgiving with the Millers, Wisconsin Dells with Jenatschecks, sports events with the grandkids, following Niece Maren's college decision making now narrowed to three choices... #3 Concordia, #2 Luther and #1 top choice, my alma Mater ST. OLAF!

Happy Holidays to you All!