Bailey Inglish Board Report

MAY 2019


Calendar News -

Sept 10 - Parent Meeting 1 PM Cafeteria

Sept 16 - Mon: Policy Council 12 PM/ School Board 6 PM

Sept 19 - Volunteer Training 1 PM

Sept 27 - Fri: Jeff Kennedy Memorial Fundraiser Dinner & Auction 5:30 PM F.O. Cafeteria

Oct 1 - Tues: Callahan/ Butler to Library

Oct 4 - Fri: Staff Development Day

Oct 7 - Mon: Staff Meeting BI Cafe 3:15 PM

Oct 8 - Tues: Alexander/ Hernandez to Library

Oct 14 - Mon: Staff Work Day

Oct 15 & 17 T/TH: Pumpkin Carving Event

Oct 18 - Fri: Bonham Homecoming


9/3 Kristen DeVore


  • Head Start Enrollment - 139
  • PreK Enrollment - 55
  • ADA: 86.38%
  • ATT 95.01%

Children’s Learning Institute Assessment Schedule 2019-2020

At Bailey Inglish, we use CLI Engage to assess our students. We have 3 waves and test at the end of each wave.

Below are the dates of each wave:

  • CLI Engage Wave I: Aug 21-Nov 1 (10 weeks) CLI Engage Online due Nov 1
  • CLI Engage Wave II: Nov 4-Feb 14 (12 weeks) CLI Engage Online due Feb 14
  • CLI Engage Wave III: Feb 17-May 1 (10 weeks) CLI Engage Online due May 1

Before the end of each wave, the teachers will test each student during the two weeks listed below:

CLI Testing Dates:

  • Wave I: Week of Oct 15 & Oct 21
  • Wave II: Week of Jan 27 & Feb 3
  • Wave III: Week of Apr 14 & Apr20

Our testing data report will be presented to the BISD School Board on:

  • Nov 18
  • Feb 24
  • May 18

Monthly Budget Report

Monthly Credit Card Report

2019 Fannin County Head Start Annual Report

Our Sensory Hallways Are Back & Spreading!

Bailey Inglish now has 2 Sensory Hallways in A and C Halls! A sensory path is a colorful, creative and playful way for kids to build sensory pathways, connections in the brain that are responsible for sight, touch, sound, etc., which enable kids to complete complex, multi-stage tasks. A sensory path is a great way for kids to develop motor skills like balance, hand-eye coordination, and spatial awareness, and is normally made with stickers that can be stuck to any surface. It's also a more fun way to go down a hallway than boring, old walking!

All About ME!

Ms. Alexander and Ms. Hernandez’s students shared their “All About Me” posters with their classmates. The posters tell their name, age, favorites and a little bit about their families.

Flexible Classroom Seating

Flexible seating is one way to try and create the best learning environment for each learner! It encourages student choice, engagement, and cooperation.••Ms. Clifton and Ms. Hudson’s Class••

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