creativity,born with it or a skill

by M.G

Intro plus one or two facts

Today I will be telling you if we are born with creativity or with out and that if it is a skill that needs to be learned.First off this is to any one who wants to be creative don't stress out it's a fact that stress kills your creativity. Creativity come with a cost because there is a fact that if you are creative you may have anxiety or depressive disorders.

Is a skill that can be learned

In the article "surprise: creativity is not a gift!" a paragraph states that we are most likely to be creative when we are forced in to it. Right now your probably asking your self how do you get forced in to being creative. Well put your self in a situation where you are low on supplies and there in no way of getting more this would be that moment where you would be forced to get creative.

We are born with creativity

In the article "are some people born creative " it states that your creativity can be passed down and that you have more creativity when your brains hemisphere is more apart.Writers, Singers, and Artist have there brains hemisphere more apart and that when they pass down there genes there kids will have the same creativity as them.


Its a contradiction! yes you can be born with it but you can also learn how to be more creative.You can choose for your self for what creativity really is just remember that we all have it and that we can always make better.Never limit your creativity or hold it back because Your creativity is what makes you.