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Hello AEA Parents and Students!

At the first of every month we will be sending out a monthly counseling newsletter filled with information to aid in academic, career/college and social emotional wellbeing. Please read below to learn more!

Your AEA Counselors

Friday the 13th is World Kindness Day!

November 13 is World Kindness Day! Imagine what the world would be like if each person did one kind thing for someone else. Get started making a difference with these 10 simple ideas:

  1. Compliment the first three people you talk to.
  2. Write a hand-written note to a teacher.
  3. Say good morning to the person next to you on the elevator.
  4. Pick up litter. Spend 10 minutes cleaning a park or your neighborhood.
  5. Place uplifting notes in library books, on restroom mirrors, on someone's locker, or on their computer screen.
  6. Dedicate 24 hours to spreading positivity on social media.
  7. Hold up inspiring signs during rush hour.
  8. Leave a generous tip.
  9. Send flowers to a friend.
  10. Set an alarm to go off three times on World Kindness Day. When the alarm sounds, stop what you're doing a call/text/email someone simply to tell them how awesome they are.

Important Dates

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Return to School Transition

As you know, all students/families who have chosen to return to in-person learning at AEA have returned starting on Oct. 29th. If you or your child are struggling with this transition, whether they are staying virtual or coming back to the buildings, please feel free to reach out to your building counselor for assistance. We are always available to meet with a student or parent/guardian in-person or virtually, just reach out!

End of First Quarter

First quarter seemed to fly by! If your child seemed to have struggled academically first quarter. We are here to help. Your school counselor can aid your child in learning better study, organization and test taking skills. Please contact your school counselor so that they can help your child enhance their academic skills and meet their needs.

Referral Forms

Please feel free to use our Referral Forms as needed.

College Corner

Don't forget, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) application opened on Thursday October 1st, 2020. Please reach out to your counselor if you have any questions about the process or completing the application.

If your child is taking College Credit Plus courses please be sure that they are contacting their school counselor about their authorization forms before the end of winter break. Most colleges have already started enrollment and scheduling for the spring semester.