Web Quest

by Courtney Anderson

Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln was the prestident when the civil war took place, and it was his job to know what was taking place and to direct the army. Abraham Lincoln believes in freeing slaves, so his going for the north's side. I found out that he got his name "honest abe" by winning a fight in to a town bully, but when I looked it up it said he got his name "honest Abe" from returning money to a lady that bought tea from him. I would have felt very proud to be Abraham Lincoln because every knows him as a great person and having a great reputation.

Jarrett Brown

Jarrett Brown was a white slave owner during the civil war. Jarrett Brown was on they south's side and he likes in that way because he can do what he wants with his slaves. I found that Jarrett Brown has 260 slaves and I didn't know that slave holders had that many slaves, I thought that they just had something around 30. I would have felt really guilty and mean if I where Jarrett Brown because his punishments are very severe and he was very mean to his slaves.

Pictures of People

Mary Schiner

Mary Schiner was a slave and she was born a slave. She was a slave during the civil war and I she didn't like her role in her time because no one wants to be a slave. I also think that she was happy that the civil war was going on because if the north won she could be a free woman. I learned that she was friends with Harriet Jacobs and that she was a house slave which means she was better treated but she was still a slave. I would have felt very scared because if I do one thing wrong there could be a harsh punishment and I would have a false hope if I would work well I could be freed.