The War of 1812

Whos Fault Is It?


Could you accuse yourour country of starting a war? It is hard byt i believe that the Americans started/caused the war of 1812. Some people believe that it was the British's fault of the war. Many of British people kidnapped Americans andtheir ships. But Americans alos betrayed the Indians, stopped forgien trade and demanded peace with all known countries. I believe that the Americans caused the war of 1812.

the blame:

What Did the Americans Do?

Americans had a big part of this war, here are my reasoning:
1) Americans demanded peace with all countries. This made other countries unhappy because they didn't want to be forced to do something that they don't want to do. They also didn't like all of the countries being fair with everyone else because then that means that if a country went behind another 's back, it would upset everyone!
2) Jefferson asked Congress to pass Legislation that would stop all foreign trade. This means that no other countries would get goods from America that they needed. This law made all of the countries that America traded with EXTREMELY mad. They didn't like that American just stop trades going without a notice. To some countries this meant war.
3) The Americans shared land with the Indians, so when the time came that Americans needed more land. The chief said that he wanted to talk to the other Indians and the Tribes before he said yes or no. William H. H. went behind the chief's back and took the land. After the Indians found out they got made and left to go North to side with the British. Now they have one of their go weapons on the other side!!

What did the British do?

Some people believe that because of the British's actions, the war started. Here are the actions of the British:
1)The British needed more soldiers and supplies for their army. So they raided the Americans ships and kidnapped Americans to use them in their army! The Americans weren't happy at all. At first they didn't know how all these disappearing soldiers were going and how they would let this happen. When they found out that it was the British BOY OH BOY! were they mad...


Who do I think was the cause for the war? i think......

I think that it was the Americans fault for the start of the the War of 1812. They had more affects to the war than the Indians and the British. The Americans might not of thought that they didn't do anything to help the spark that lit the spark for the war, but I guess they were wrong. Some people will disagree with me, but these are my thoughts and no one else so its ok if they don't agree with me. Also no one will probably know who truly started the war. Maybe it was both sides. For now, its a mystery.....