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May/June Newsletter

Strongsville Preschoolers Hard at Work


Congratulations to our 2020 Preschool Graduates! (Not all pictured).

Thank you to our PTA for purchasing the graduation signs.

Preschool Tuition Update

Preschool Families:

If you recall from previous communications, due to the uncertainty surrounding the duration of the school shut down, the District suspended the collection of the March 20th tuition payment for the month of April and the collection of the April 20 tuition payment for the month of May. Although the payments were suspended, they have not been forgiven.

The Board of Education is the governing body that sets the preschool tuition and any changes to the tuition will be determined by Board action. At the May 7th Board of Education meeting, a recommendation was made and approved by the Board of Education to waive one of the two suspended tuition payments. The tuition payment for the month of April has been waived, however, the tuition payment for the month of May has been reinstated. As the administration evaluated the recommendation, the following criteria was evaluated: (1) are the students and families receiving a service, and (2) what is the fair value of the remote learning service versus if the student was in the building.

Any outstanding payments will be due by Friday May 31. If payment is not received, the outstanding balance will be carried forward within the students fee account within Powerschool. Payments can be made electronically via PaySchools Central or a check made out to “Strongsville City Schools” can be mailed to the Strongsville Early Learning Preschool, at 19543 Lunn Road, Strongsville, 44149.

If you have already paid tuition for the months of April and May, we will credit your Powerschool account. The credit balance can be carried over into next year to be applied to any tuition and/or student fees. If you do not wish to carry forward a credit balance and would like a refund, please notify Marie Palanca at mpalanca@scsmustangs.org or Dawn Evangelista at devangelista@scsmustangs.org.

For families that have a student returning to the preschool in the fall, typically the deposit payment is due by May 20. We have extended the deadline to August 7. Payments can be made electronically via PaySchools Central or a check made out to “Strongsville City Schools” can be mailed to the Strongsville Early Learning Preschool, at 19543 Lunn Road, Strongsville, 44149.


George K. Anagnostou, Treasurer

Strongsville Early Learning Preschool 2020
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FREE BOOKS For Children 5 and Younger in Cuyahoga County (That means YOU!)

I am SUPER excited to share this AMAZING opportunity for students ages birth through 5 in our county! Please please take advantage of this program to build your home library and expose your children to literature. The website also includes literacy activities to partner with each book. Please reach out to us if you need support enrolling in the program.

Ohio First Lady Fran DeWine announced the opening of the Ohio Governor’s Imagination Library (OGIL) today in Cuyahoga County.

Any child from birth to age five can enroll to receive a free, new book from the Ohio Governor’s Imagination Library every month.

“I'm delighted that Cuyahoga County’s 75,000 children -- from birth to age five -- can now take advantage of the benefits of the Ohio Governor’s Imagination Library,” said Ohio First Lady Fran DeWine. “Cuyahoga County is our 55th Ohio county to offer the Ohio Governor's Imagination Library Program countywide, no matter where a child lives within that county. When we started this journey to create a statewide program to improve early childhood literacy, the Imagination Library was only available in pockets of Ohio and only countywide in 24 counties. We won't stop our work to expand until kids in all 88 counties of Ohio have the same opportunity."

Research shows that book ownership can be a predictor of future academic success. In fact, studies have found that children with just 25 books in their home were more likely to complete an additional two years of education. Inspired by Ohio First Lady Fran DeWine’s passion for early childhood literacy, the Ohio Governor’s Imagination Library is a partnership with Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library to ensure children enter the classroom ready to succeed.

“We are very pleased that every child can experience the joy and excitement of receiving their own brand new book in the mail every month,” said Robert Paponetti, President & CEO of The Literacy Cooperative of Greater Cleveland. “For the past several years, this wonderful program has been available in select communities in Cuyahoga County. Currently more than 10,000 children in Cuyahoga County are receiving books monthly. With this announcement, enrollment will increase exponentially as there are approximately 75,000 children under the age of five living in Cuyahoga County.”

The Ohio Governor’s Imagination Library Program is working to ensure children in all 88 of Ohio’s counties can enroll in Ohio Governor’s Imagination Library in 2020 by providing a dollar for dollar funding match with each county that opens the OGIL to its residents. The Ohio General Assembly committed $5 million to the OGIL Program in the fiscal year 2020-2021 budget.

To enroll and learn more, visit www.OhioImaginationLibrary.org.

Please join the PTA! Sign-up forms are also on the PTA bulletin board in the lobby!

Personal Item Pick-Up

If you have not picked up your child's belongings, please do so by the end of the day May 29th. Lunn Road items are located on a table in the front vestibule.