The most crucial items to bring on any adventure

Instant power and protection

Whether you are looking to go on your first adventure or this is one of many adventures, this sword is your ticket to guaranteed protection and power. Never again will you have any reason to fear the spine-chilling Goblins and Orcs. For these swords are your ultimate tool of survival. If you are lost in the dark and you cannot see, these extraordinary swords have the ability to illuminate the sky by glowing all on their own. If you are faced with a creature twice your size, just the sight of the sword will send them running away far into the distance. These swords have the history of defeating hundreds of Goblins during their times. They are referred to as the Ocrist and Glamdring The Foe-Hammer, but they have such power and are dreaded so greatly that the Goblin's call them Biter and Beater. These are the swords that saved the Dwarves and Bilbo on their very own journey. You are being offered the opportunity to own a sword with unbelievable potential and a magnificent past, how could you possibly turn this down?
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