Generation Dead

Alexis Greene

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Generation Dead Summary

Generation Dead is a young adult/romance novel by Daniel Waters. It follows a girl named Phoebe and her best friends, Margi and Adam. The story is set in a place in which the country is confused by a strange phenomenon, dead teenagers aren't staying dead. Some of them die, and unexpectedly start walking around again a couple hours later. Phoebe finds herself attracted to Tommy Williams, one of the "living impaired" teens at Oakvale High School.

Oakvale High School has attracted several living impaired students throughout the country because of the larger ratio of living impaired kids to living kids. A boy trying out for the football team shouldn't be that unusual, but when the recently dead, Tommy Williams, a brave living impaired teen, tries out for this football team, he makes it. Adam, Phoebe's best friend, is also on the football team, and is somewhat unwilling, but helps Tommy and they become friends.

Phoebe Kendell is just your typical goth, but since the strange occurrence of the living impaired, typical isn’t common. When Phoebe falls for Tommy, her whole world is turned upside down. As her relationship with Tommy becomes more like the traditional, a regular human relationship, she gets nervous. Pete Martinburgs, a past friend of Adam, begins a killing spree to rid the schools of the “living impaired”, all the while, Adam fights to protect Phoebe and capture her heart. When Pete kills a friend of theirs, they start to realize that bad things are coming. Pete almost shot Phoebe, but Adam being the loyal friend he was, saves her, but ends up getting killed and eventually coming back as living impaired. Can Phoebe make up the life he has just lost…?

Kiss of Life: A Generation Dead Novel
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