The History of the Television

By Sheldon brown


Radio was a important piece of invention but you could only listen to it, so there was a new invention called the television witch overtook the place of radio.

Firstly, the television replaced the radio because television had lot's of things to listen to and things to watch and T.V showed lot's of different things like visual things to show, also it show's things like music, movies and more.

Secondly, it had lot's of channels that had been shows to the world, in 1949 American who lived far away could also watch the television from long distance. The television replaced the radio because it was a home entertainment.

Thirdly, television is a important invention because people could communicate with other by putting on a show on T.V, lots of people around the world watch T.V because it showed lot's of fun show's to watch.

Lastly, T.V was a fun invention because different ages could watch it and people around enjoy watching entertainment and shows because it is interesting to watch show and not to only listen to it.

So we think television could change people communication because you could watch it and also listen to it, so there you go now watch the television because you could enjoy watching it.