Discovery Education

Engage Students with Digital Media Resources & Streaming

Join us Thursday, March 26 during your planning period.

Learn more about the vast library of digital resources and media offered by Discovery Education.

Creating a Discovery Education Account

If you plan to attend the training, please be sure to create an account before the training. Click the link below to access the School Passcode and directions in order to create an account.

Resources to Support Instruction in a Variety of Content Areas

English, Math, Science, Social Studies, Health, Careers/Work Skills, Visual and Performing Arts, World Languages, Research/Study Skills

Access to an Array of Resources

Full length videos, video segments, images, songs, posters, articles, writing prompts, disucssion guides, teacher guides

My Content: Keep Your Media Organized





Student Delivery: Moodle and Google Classroom

Create and Share Resources and Assignments with Students.

SOS Content Resources

Implement Discovery Education Resources into Your Curriculum and Instruction.

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