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By:Emily Payne

Girls Basketball

We have had an amazing year in girls basketball. They were so close to going undefeated but they lost to Carl Junction with a score of 51-25. Yeah they may have lost but they improved all the way since that game. They are getting ready to play a tournament in Seneca so wish them lots of luck.

Chain Links

Congratulations to 7th grade for earning a Spirit Point today for raising more than $300 total in the chain link competition so far! The competition stands at 1204 links for 7th grade, 795 links for 8th grade, and 668 links for teachers/staff. We have now helped 7.6 kids! We still have 8 days left keep up the good work!

There are many kids bringing in money but we are keeping a very good competition up between our 7th and 8th grade though so keep up all your good work.

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Girls Baksetball Team A

Taken the day of our 1st game/tournament.
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Keep us going

We are told to keep on fighting because when we play we play till we are not able to play anymore.

The Big 8 Confrence

Saturday, Dec. 13th, 9:30pm

Seneca, MO, United States

Seneca, MO

12/13= Girls Basketball at Seneca Big 8 Tourney TBA..This is more than just this day.

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The Boys Basketball

01/05/15--01/08/15 Cassville Shootout 7th/8th Away TBA

01/12/15 Aurora 7th/8th Away 5:30 pm

01/13/15 Cassville 7th/8th Home 5:30 pm

01/19/15 Seneca 7th/8th Home 5:30 pm

01/20/15 Marionville 7th/8th Home 5:30 pm

01/22/15 Lamar 7th/8th Away 5:30 pm

01/26/15 Carl Junction 7th/8th Home 5:30 pm

01/29/15 Strafford 7th/8th Away 5:30 pm

02/02/15 East Newton 7th/8th Home 5:30 pm

02/03/15 St. Peters 7th/8th Home 6:00 pm

02/05/15 Mount Vernon 7th/8th Away 5:30 pm

02/07/15--02/13/15 Big 8 Conference Tourney 7th/8th Away TBA