Turkey Hill Experience

Monday, April 13th, 2015

Field triiiiiiip!

Come learn how our ice cream is made, sit in a milk truck, milk our mechanical cows, and learn about the people and culture of Turkey Hill Dairy. Create your own virtual ice cream flavor, ice cream package and a commercial. Our newest attraction, the Turkey Hill Taste Lab, allows you to bring your virtual ice cream creation to life as you make your own pint of ice cream! Of course, there are plenty of free samples of our ice cream and iced tea products, too!

Turkey Hill Experience

Monday, April 13th, 11:15am

301 Linden Street

Columbia, PA

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RSVPs close on March 27th! Register now!

Field Trip Agenda

Please choose an 11:15 or 12:15 tour.

You will need to arrive 45 minutes prior to the tour and tasting.


Attend the Turkey Hill Experience with your teachers and classmates on Monday, April 13th. All participants must register by Friday, March 27th.

After you attend the field trip, write in the forum:

1. What are three things you learned?
2. What was your favorite part of the day?
3. If possible, post a picture of yourself enjoying the day!


Watch the video of the Ben and Jerry's Tour. Click here to watch the video.

After you watch the tour video, write in the forum:

1. What are THREE things you learned or observed in the video?

2. What are two things you are still wondering about?

3. Create your own Ben and Jerry's ice cream! What are the ingredients? What does it look like? Add your picture to the forum!


Pick an Achieve3000 article, As Good as Ice Cream? or Got Goat's Milk? Make Ice Cream!

Make sure to complete all five steps!

After completing your five steps, write in the forum:

1. What article did you choose?

2. Three things you learned.

3. Your answer to the thought question.