CHS Weekly Announcements

For the Week of February 8, 2021

School Pictures for Grades 9-11

UPDATE: Due to the weather forecast, Picture Days have been postponed until Thursday, February 25th from 3 – 7 pm and Friday, February 26th from 9am – 2pm. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. (updated 2/10/21)

Hey Underclassmen, did you think we forgot you on school pictures? No way!

All 9th, 10th, and 11th grade CHS students who would like to get a school picture taken can do so by appointment on Thursday, February 11th from 3 – 7 pm and Friday, February 12th from 9am – 2pm by appointment only.

Please use this link to sign up for an appointment time:

You can pre-order your pictures through the LifeTouch Website at using picture day ID: EVTV82R6J

No one is required to attend this event, CHS is simply making an official portrait opportunity available to you.

How it will work:

· Students must sign up for an appointment through the Bookings link above.

· Students should arrive at the school and go to the back door of the Gold Gym at the corner of the building by the soccer fields at the time of their appointment.

· Masks must be worn at all times except while having your picture taken.

· Students will have their temperature taken. If a student has a temperature outside the acceptable range the Nurse will advise they not be admitted. Students who do not have all their vaccinations complete will not be allowed in the building.

· Student will proceed to the waiting area to prepare for picture then proceed to the photo booth.

· All students will exit the building directly after having their picture taken.

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Do you want to be part of a Spoken Word Podcast?

Every January, Seniors in Players 58 direct their own one-acts. Because of COVID, Players 58 is adjusting what we are performing. This year, we are asking all students if they would like to take part in a massive spoken word podcast.

What this will look like is a series of spoken word performances (like poetry, monologues, dramatic scenes, beat poetry, raps, etc.) that all follow each other about a specific theme. The seniors in Players 58 would also take the task of helping direct the audio performances (as well as writing and performing their own pieces). The theme for our first production is using two different prompts:

  1. “I am not your ___.”
  2. “You are my ___.”

Each student would create a minimum of two pieces. One piece ending in “I am not your ___,” and one ending in “You are my ___.”

To give you some ideas, some of the pieces that have been written (or are being written):

I am not your therapist.

I am not your pretty girl.

I am not your embarrassment.

I am not your knight in shining armor.

You are my rock.

You are my shining diamond.

You are my beating heart.

You are my planted seed.

If this sounds up your alley, please go to this Google Form and fill out your information. We need your responses by 2/12/21 at the end of the school day. Someone from Players 58 will contact you with more information!

And don’t worry – if you do not have much experience, that is absolutely fine! We just want to hear your voices and your stories.

Math Relay Participants Bring Home the Medals

For more information about Math Relays:
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Swim & Dive Team News from Coach Scarlett

Hey all your sports fans! Your lady jacket swimmers and divers have finished our season.

There is no easy way to put it, this season was pretty rough. Two rounds of COVID quarantines, several meets and practices canceled, lost conditioning time and both senior night and conferences canceled. Our girls were knocked over constantly as COVID bullied us at every turn we made. While we didn’t perform the best, our girls kept coming back working even harder to make up for lost time. We supported one another and cheered one another on.

Despite these challenges our girls never lost hope and never gave up. We have a loving family dynamic and nothing was going to change that. Coach G and I threw the most over the top senior celebration we could at our last practice. The girls had fun and for once could take a step away from all the stress this school year has brought them.

We are so proud of every single one of these girls and could not be more honored to coach such an impressive group of young ladies. If you have any of these young ladies in class, please give them a well deserved virtual high five for their worth ethic, dedication, spirit and perseverance. Seniors: Ainsley Lewis, Jordan Rolf (both captains), Liyah Dewberry and Jamia Height (both divers). Daniela Guerrero (also diver), Maddie Cunningham, Bella Brocious, Kayley Holden, Emilia Latas, Emily Walker, Lia Brocious, Emily Nixon, Asha Pearson, Grace Jackson, Rebecca Atkins and Savannah Holsman with Joey Tejada (manager).

6 Unique Valentine's Day Celebrations Around The World

Mobile Food Pantry this Friday (2/12/21)

Friday Center Community Mobile Pantry

The Center Education Foundation, in partnership with Harvesters and the Center School District is hosting a mobile food pantry. Once a month Harvesters will bring a semi-truck trailer full of fresh produce to the Center School District’s Warehouse at 8701 Holmes Rd, Kansas City, MO 64131. There is no cost, and the pantry is available for all in need.

Time and Dates: Every second Friday, vehicles may start lining up at 11:30 a.m.

  • Friday, February 12

  • Friday, March 12

  • Friday, April 9

  • Friday, May 14

    Location: The Center School District’s Warehouse 8701 Holmes Rd, Kansas City, MO 64131

  • Enter through the Center School District Central Office at 8701 Holmes Rd. Proceed slowly through the bus parking lot.

Congratulations Kamryn Coppock and Damarion Mitchell - finalists in “Mike’s Got This” essay contest

The firm of DiPasqule Moore recently ran a fun essay contest challenging Debate KC students to answer a simple question: Who’s “got this” in your life? Kamryn Coppock and Damarion Mitchell are finalists in the “Mike’s Got This” essay contest!

Congratulations to our debaters who are finalists in the contest! We will announce their places and winnings after the ceremony next week!

CHS Scholar Bowl Team after our 2nd Quad (Conference Meet)

We did have to forfeit all JV Games again due to not enough members to compete, still. We are still looking for more members to join us this season – plenty of time to do so! Tell your friends!

So, two weeks ago we had our first Quad meet and came out 3-0, undefeated in our first conference matchups. Well, in our second conference matchup we again played 3 teams again. This time Knob Noster, Pleasant Hill, and Oak Grove.

In our first match, your Jackets held off a furious rally by Knob Noster and ended up winning by 9 questions – that really is not a lot, just so you know.

Then, in our second match against Pleasant Hill, the Jackets were off to a good lead only to see it dwindle by halftime to a tie. Then, we were tied again after the 22nd round, tied again after the 24th round – with only 2 rounds to go we rallied and ended up winning by a total of 4 questions! This was close! Razor thin going into the final round.

However, if that wasn’t exciting enough, the third game came! This time it was Oak Grove! The Jackets got off to a very slow start but by halftime pulled within four questions. After the 18th round, things did not look so good. The Jackets were down by 9 questions, answering only 3 correct in the previous five rounds. Then in very slow and tedious manner, these Jackets slowly but surely pulled themselves out of the hole they had dug and began to catch up. Toss up by Toss up! Bonus by Bonus! Taking the lead in the 22nd round by ONE (1) question, then holding that lead all the way to the final round, and the final Bonus question. It really did come down to the final bonus question in the final round. Your Academic Jackets held on and were victorious!

We always say that every vote counts in an election. Well, in scholar bowl, every question counts! Every member contributed to the victory. All 5 members tonight answered at least one toss up in that final game against Oak Grove and each contributed to the bonus questions. It truly was a team effort!

We will see these teams again. And your Academic Jackets are ready to give them a rematch!

While some may be surprised at this success. There is one person in all of Jacket Nation that was not surprised! Their coach! I knew they had this in them and I knew they could win and represent the entire Yellowjacket community! I have seen them work so hard in practice and then come together at these meets I am so proud of each of them, and you should be as well! We are looking forward to finishing the season strong and returning next year with a strong team again.

So, to summarize, the Academic Jackets came out 3-0 again this evening! So, we are currently 6-0 in conference!!! We still have 5 more matches to go in conference against some pretty strong teams. We are still diligently working hard to prepare, but for now, if you see any of these students, please congratulate them on a job well done!

Team Members Ben Lahann (Captain), Alex Harper, Denny Mosby, Annemarie Ball, and Avery Bennekin. Congrats to them!

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Those who survived either of the World Wars thanks to a gas mask have Garrett Morgan to thank. Morgan first created the “safety hood” to help firefighters navigate smoky buildings, later modifying it to carry its own air supply— making it the world’s first effective gas masks.

He also had the good sense to add a third position to the traffic signal — yes, there was a time when traffic signals just said indicated “stop” or “go” — an addition that further reduced automobile accidents.

Extracted from:

14 Black Inventors You Probably Didn’t Know About by Pamela Rosario Pérez

Capitol or Capital? - from Merriam Webster

What to Know

Capitol has a rather narrow meaning referring to a building or group of buildings in which a legislative body meets and performs the functions of government. Capital has a wide range of meanings: as an adjective, it can mean "important," "relating to the seat of government," and "punishable by death," or describe non-lowercase letters; as a noun, capital means "a city that is the seat of government," "net worth," or "advantage."

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Mary and her sister Mildred patented many practical inventions. They didn’t have technical education, but they were both exceptional at spotting ways to make peoples’ lives better. Together, they invented the sanitary belt. Later, Mary invented the moisture-resistant pocket for the belt. While disabled from multiple sclerosis, Mary went on to invent the walker and the toilet-tissue holder.

Extracted from:

14 Black Inventors You Probably Didn’t Know About by Pamela Rosario Pérez

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Trivia for Animal Lovers

9 Fascinating Facts About Seals


1. Seals Are Related to Bears, Skunks, and Badgers

2. "Earless" True Seals Actually Do Have Ears

3. The Largest Seal Weighs More Than Four Tons

4. Mothers and Pups Bond With a Unique Call

5. They Have "Smokers' Blood" To Help Survive Deep Dives

6. The Baikal Seal Is the World's Only Freshwater Pinniped

7. Their Brain Temperature Drops When They Dive

8. They Can Eat A Lot of Seafood

9. Climate Change Is Their Newest Threat

Click on this link to get details on the facts above: