Hillary Prynne did WHAT?!?!?!

Read below to find out the scoop on Hillary's scandal!

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Who would have thought!?

News just in! Hillary is preggos?! Five months ago, Hillary made an appearance at Harry Style's party in downtown Boston. At the time it was no big deal, until she was recently spotted with a baby bump. Sources tell us that Hillary ran off with the baby daddy (who is still unknown) outside in the woods the night of the party. How scandy! In a recent interview, Anderson Cooper tried to push the topic on Hillary after seeing her bump, but she left him with no comments. After the interview was aired, the public took the gossip to twitter. Even Adam Dimmsdale took time off his movie successful movie career by making a comment online!

Oh Hillary...

What's Next?!

Now the only question left is, WHO IS THE BABY DADDY?! Hillary still refuses to tell her secret and now that she is in jail for public nudity, no one can ask questions. Regardless, it seems as though Hillary will remain behind bars in the dreary prison, at the heart of Boston. How long will Hillary be in prison? Will the baby be born there? So many questions, but few answers. Check back here next week for more information regarding Hillary Prynne's juicy scandal.