Mrs. Johnston's Weekly Updates

February 8-12

Classroom News and Reminders

Charging Chromebooks- PLEASE be sure that your child's Chromebook is charged before coming to school each day.

Conferences- I have sent home a conference sign up form in your child's green folders, please fill these out if you are interested in a conference.

Reading Homework- Your child should be reading for 15 to 20 minutes each night. This practice is so important to their growth as readers, if they read out loud to you it will really help with their fluency (how many words per minute they can correctly read) Please log the book that your child reads in his/her assignment book. If you do not have on their level text please feel free to have them hope on RAZ kids and read. The quizzes that go with these books will help them work on their comprehension.

Valentines-The kiddos can bring valentines to pass out this Friday, please make sure there is one for each child, so no one feels left out. We have 17 kids: Leah, Miriah, Sol, Sadie, Ayden, Bradley, Boston, Ben, Chase, Connor, Cooper, Caleb, Jesiah, Noah, Maxi, Tucker, and Xavier.

Learning Targets for the Week

I CAN list the main idea of short non fiction text. I CAN list key details to support answers. I CAN compare and contrast non fiction text.

I CAN identify the long and short vowel sounds in words. I CAN read and spell 1 and 2 syllable word.

I CAN identify coins and name their values. I CAN tell time to the quarter and half hour.

I CAN describe the molecules of solids. I CAN name attributes of various solids.


I believe communication is the way we are going to make this year an excellent success! I check my DOJO daily and repeatedly so please send me a message about any questions or concerns. If you need to call me please do that from 10-45-11:15 or 3:30-4:00.