Exotic Pets

by Caroline M.

Why Shouldn't You Keep Exotic Pets?

Danger: the animals could hurt people, the animals coud hurt themselves, they could overpopulate, and they could drive out native species; Money: the animals are very expensive to buy and maintain, you could be fined if your animals misbehave, and you might have to pay special taxes for your animal; Instinct: the animal could mistake people and native species for prey like they had back home, it might have intense interactions, and it could behave like it does in the natural world 

Stranger Danger

Going up to a strange animal is never a good idea, especially if the animal is not like anything you have ever seen. One of the most reckless things you can do is walk over to it and try to pet it or rub its tummy.This linx cub may be adorable, but where baby goes mommy goes. Chances are, the little guys mom is just behind a bush, waiting to spring as soon as you get too close to her baby.

Don't Pick Me!

It is not a good idea to keep exotic pets, but you can choose for your self. No matter what, do not pick these animals: large species of felines and canines, any large, poisonous or dangerous reptiles, poisonous amphibians, and large birds of prey, which are not allowed in most places.