Keeping Pace

Special Education Update

September 16, 2016

New Event!

Meeting of the Minds: The S.E. Edition

Thursdays all school year

Starting this Thursday, September 23

S.E. Office

3:15 pm - 3:45 pm

New Topic Each Week!

IEP calculation, updates, pulling REEDs, constructing METs, eligibility requirements,

para-pro matrix considerations, SLD and OHI eligibility matrices, and more!

and...we have chocolate....

There will also be open session time if you have questions.

Join us through the year as you can - we look forward to seeing you!

Courtesy checks for IEP and METs

There are so many details to remember when calculating an IEP for a student! Many have said, "I wish I had known that/caught that/changed that before I finalized!" We continue to grow in writing our individualized plans, and it is my focus to support your efforts to make these documents as meaningful, and compliant, as they deserve to be.

This year I will be offering courtesy checks on IEP's - as many as we can squeeze in. I will be logging in to EdPlan the morning before your IEP is held, and reviewing anything that is already drafted in your IEP. If there are fixes to be made, I will simply make them and re-save the draft. I will also alert you in an email if I have made changes, to help you for future IEP's. If I can save you an amendment, that is good for all of us!

In a few weeks, as you acclimate to your schedules and get more comfortable in this school year, I will simply note in an email the changes to be made, and let you take over the "fixing".

As any SE teacher knows, my goal is 80% or higher... :) We will see if we can get that higher.

MUM Sale! To Support Special Olympics! There is still time! Refer to your flyer from Jenny for details.

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District Representative at IEP

*District Representative is one of the required members of an IEP Team.

Generally, your building principal is listed on both the IEP Invitation, and the list of meeting participants in EdPlan, for your IEP meeting. If they are unable to attend, you will need to sign in as both the special education teacher attending, AND on the district representative line. Before you finalize your IEP, make sure to make the change in Ed Plan (that you are also acting as district representative). The signature on the hard copy is our 'proof' that there was a district representative at the meeting, and the finalized electronic version should match.

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