Warriors: Into the Wild

Erin Hunter

Layla Swenson


Have you ever seen a cat brave enough to leave his house and become a warrior? Well, that is exactly what Rusty did! Learn the story of how the ordinary housecat, Rusty, releases the inner warrior he had in him all along. The author, Erin Hunter, is from Israel. She has wrote a different book called The Tygrine Cat. Erin loves animals, especially cats and dogs! The genre of this book, Warriors:Into the Wild, is realistic fiction, and if you give it a try, there is a good chance you will love it!


In the book Warriors:Into the Wild, Rusty the housecat always wanted to roam in the forest. He is shocked when his dream comes true! Some strange cats one day show up and says he can join them in the forest. How could Rusty say no? Rusty soon learns that trouble lies deep in the forest, and It is going to be hard to always do the right thing. Join Rusty as he meets friends, enemies and cats in between. Will Rusty survive the forest? Read Warriors:Into the Wild to find out!

My Opinion and Suggestions

Some of the reasons I liked this book are that it has a very interesting storyline. Also, it has a small bit of violence, but not too much... and just a little can go a long way!This book also has suspenful mysteries that later unfold-I love mysteries! The last reason is that this book has unexpected twists that makes you want to keep reading. I would not change the ending because it is a suspensful cliffhanger, so it makes you want to read the next book... which is amazing! By then, you will be hooked on this great series!

My Connection

I have a text-to-self connection with this book. The connection is that cats fight in this book. Well, I have two cats at home. They fight all the time! (actually, one of them is always fighting, the other one doesn't want to.) Basically, cats fight both in Warriors:Into the Wild, and in my own house!


I would reccomend this book to one of my classmates. I would recommend it to them because it is very suspensful and has an interesting storyline. It also has wonderful details. If you like books filled with suspense, twists, and mysteries, this is definetly the book for you! If you read this book, you will not regret it!