Why are These Skills Important?

Global Knowledge

Global knowledge is important because with technology being such a huge part of our lives, we able to connect to anyone, anywhere in the world within a matter of minutes. Knowledge of foreign languages is going to be essential to communicate with other people that work in your company. Graduates also need to know how to interact wit people of different cultures.


Graudates need to start taking selecting math and science courses to study. Most of the jobs that companies outsource are jobs that require a lot of math skills. Companies want to hire smart people who can get the job done.

Adaptability and Creativity

Future employees need to be able to adapt quickly and be able to learn new ideas and methods.Without bringing something creative and unique to the table, you will not stand out. A company could hire another person in India or China for less, than hire an American that has the same skill level. That's why bring creative and different is important.