Fashion Trends For 2016

Annie Medding

Big bold lips

From outrageous lip colors to lip tattoos to Kylie Jenner’s lip kits, 2016 will be all about your pucker, pout and a bright bold lip.

The palm bracelet

Just like the ring got relocated, the bracelet is no longer satisfied sitting daintily on the wrist. Instead, expect to find them in the middle of the palm, making the hand decked out and adorned.

Glitter roots

But if getting to the salon regularly is tricky for you, this is a good trend to try. Just grab some glitter and some gel and go back to your roots! This will make anyone sparkle but offers a temporary fun change of hair looks.


Another fashion trend to anticipate are “flatforms,” sort of like a platform shoe that’s flat all the way across. Instead of a chunky platform shoe with a heel that grows higher toward the back, the flatform shoes are chunky shoes that remain the same height from toe to heel.


Lampshading is another interesting look being shown via social media. The lampshading trend involves wearing an oversized sweater along with thigh-high boots. The lampshading look generally leaves a small bit of thigh visible, and was not surprisingly was popularized by the Kardashian-Jenner clan