stolen children

by peg kehret


you should really try to read the book stolen children because, no matter what kind of books you like there will be something for everybody.There is comedy,mystery and much more.


Do you like mystery books how about humor well if you do than you should try the book stolen children. Stolen Children is a book about a teenage girl and a three year old kendra. while kendra is supposedly taking a nap.she finds her self alone in the house of the kid she was suposed to be babysiting. something terrible happens if you would like to find out read the book.

Peg Kehret

Peg kehret is an author of many other books.she is well known for mystery books. Kerhet currently lives with her husband carl in washington state.
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I like the ending because...

I like the ending of Stolen Children because,there is a happy ending,it makes want to read more of Peg Kehret booksyuhyhu