Clown Town Crier

(No, not Melinda)

What we need tonight:

Vote for disbursements

People to sign up for the following positions:

  • Volunteer chair
  • Bake table chair
  • Cake walk chair
  • Another person for Kitchen chair

Pictures from Kathy Mac of last year's set-up

Folders from last year

Floor plan from last year

What EVERYONE must do:

  • Bring individually wrapped goodies for the bake table
  • Bring at least one cake for the cake walk
  • Bring any baskets you have - bring to March meeting
  • Bring any donations for baskets - bring to March meeting
  • Purchase anything you can to help out – check out after Valentine’s Day sales, pass out donation letters, etc
  • Set up on Friday, March 28th – what time can we get in to the church? (Need key from Peggy)

Questions we have:

How do we get in touch with face painters? (Shriners?)

How do we get in touch with book lady?

Are we doing the maze?

We need people to commit to a specific task

We would like less floaters and more of a commitment. The following people are not signed up for anything as of yet. Please commit yourself today (to Clown Town, not the Nut House!)

  • Ellie B.
  • Jen C.
  • Elaine D.
  • Kathy G.
  • Cathy H.
  • Lisa J.
  • Jennifer L.
  • Jan M.
  • Paula
  • Linda N.
  • Diana P.
  • Linda S.
  • Penny S.
  • Lee S.