Life Ed Zoo Project

By: AJ Rodriguez and Mason Tolbert

Information about our zoo

Hello everyone! We are here to tell you about the new zoo opening in Colorado called The ARMT Zoo. It is located inside the Rocky Mountains and even has a huge monkey exhibit with 81 monkeys! Come visit us at the zoo it is guaranteed you will have fun!

Main Attractions and other information

Our main attraction is our huge monkey exhibit with 81 monkeys and even a small train that goes around the monkeys. We chose the Rocky Mountains in Colorado because it has a perfect climate inside for all the animals and those who need a warm environment we use our very enhanced heating light bulb to keep them warm. Now to the money business, in a summary of all of our costs we spent $999875 and all of it was worth it. We used a great deal of our loan of a million dollars and hope to pay it back after the first month of business. We have a lot of awesome animals and even our Monkeys are the cleanest in the United States because we washed them 3 times! Our pandas are on a strict diet of Bamboo and leaves, and also our giraffes have an average of being 14 feet tall!