Equal or Not

A comparison of significant opinions on equality

Three politicians views on the argument of slavery and sucsession from the union.


First we have Stephen Douglas who is for slavery. Douglas claims that white and blacks are not equals. In fact whites are far superior to blacks. He believes that because white are superior they shouldn't be allowed to vote or have equal rights because it will effect the whites. Although Douglas is for slavery he thinks that the state and county government should be the ones to decide whether or not slavery is permitted.

In agreance with Douglas is Alexander Stephens. He too believes that slavery should be kept And also believes that we should succed from the union. He believes that whites are far support then blacks and for this reason should not be aloud to have equal rights. He claims that this is the way that God made blacks and whites.

On the opposing side we have Abraham Lincoln. To Lincoln slavery is moral debate. Slaves are not pieces of property but people who are created equal but look diffrently on the outside.