Vacation of a major character

by:August Nennmann

The Roar

Mika is a mutant, he is more advanced in academics than the average human. He has a twin sister named Ellie who was taken from him a year ago. Everyone thinks that Mika is now crazy because of it. Mika is suspicious that his world could be built on secrets.


Mika has been told that his sister is dead, but he knows that they are lying. Mika is desperate to get his sister back, he knows that Ellie is out there and he believes that the only way to get her back is to compete in violent virtual reality games.

Fit mix

Mika's school started making the students drink this weird pink slime called fit mix. It is supposed to give you strength and muscles. At first Mika refuses to drink the fit mix, then finds out it is one of the ways to get to Ellie,


Mika meets a girl named Audrey. She is also a mutant. Audrey has beautiful green, cyborg eyes. They become best friends and compete together in a virtual reality game called pod fighter. Together they discover some very dark secrets.
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