Curriculum Connections

Updates and Resources from Ms. Welch, CST

Upcoming Events

March 12 Make Up Day-We do have school!

March 14 Picture Day

March 14 5th grade to Webb Bridge

March 14 Special Ed. Meeting

March 14 PAWS PD Readworks and Mystery Science

March 15 Milestones Field Test

March 15 PAWS PD SWAT Team presents Nearpod

March 15 Scheduling Meeting @2:45

March 16th-PTA SHAMROCKIN SHINDIG 6:00-8:00

Report Cards

March 13 HAC is turned off at the end of the day

March 14 Teachers start loading grades

March 19 Sandra prints Report Cards for verification. Teachers keep Report Cards that are correct. Have your partner verify your report cards for accuracy.

March 20-21 Reprint Report Cards that need corrections

March 22 Report Cards go home in Thursday folders

IMPORTANT: Please make sure that you indicate accurate continuous achievement levels on the March report cards. The county pulls our levels from this report card so it is SO IMPORTANT that these levels are accurate. You will indicate levels through the comments. See the email I sent for more details.

Red Parent Placement Request Letters

If you have not sent home your red parent placement request letters, please send those home on Thursday in the blue folders. As you get them back, please turn them in to Heather Welch.


See our March catalog below! Haven't been keeping up with your PAWS PD? See the catalog below to catch up! I hope you will sign up for some great learning this month!

Write Score Data

Many if not all grade level (2-5) Write Score data is in! Please let me know when you will analyze this data. I would love to be a part of your PLC. Don't forget that Write Score offers lessons that can target your students' weak areas. I am here to help support this work so please let me know how I can help you!

Test Prep Resources

I recently met with your grade levels and we discussed how to prep for Milestones. We also discussed resources and targeting areas of weakness. Don't forget that I created a folder with our discussion notes and resources from that meeting. Here's how to access:

1. make sure your logged in with your email

2. go to Team Drives on the left

3. Curriculum folder

4. Test Prep folder

Morning Meeting/Responsive Classroom

The Morning Meeting uses teacher modeling for students to practice and learn important social skills that will benefit the students' social and academic lives. Morning Meeting sets the tone for respectful learning, trust, cooperation, problem solving, and a sense of community in the classroom.
Is morning meeting just for K-2? NO! Watch this 3-5 video. Think about the ways the students are integrating speaking, listening, rela, and social skills!
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Quick Key

Quick Key’s gridded response format will let you create math questions that your students can answer on paper or online. If your students respond on paper, you can use the Quick Key mobile app to scan the paper and have your students' responses quickly graded. If your students answer online, their responses are automatically graded upon submission
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