The Seismograph

By Alberto Villarreal

This SMORE is made to show you this amazing, useful Chinese invention, the seismograph.

How the Seismograph was originally used

Long ago when the Han Dynasty was still around, the leader got a man named Zhang Heng to come live in his dynasty. Zhang was a genius, especially when he created this machine that could tell where an earthquake was coming from. He decided to call it the Seismograph. The Seismograph was originally used to record and measure the Earth's vibrations. The first seismograph had 9 dragons on it and 9 toads at the bottom of the seismograph. In each of the dragon's mouth's was a silver ball. If there was a shake on that side the Earth, the ball on that side would fall out, and land in the toad's mouth.



How the Seismograph helped the Chinese people

The seismograph was most helpful when China had an earthquake coming. If there was an earthquake coming, they would bring the seismograph out. Then, they would watch to see which ball fell out of which dragon's mouth. If one of them moved, they can tell where the earthquake will be.