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Director's Message:

I hope this #WEARECONNECTACADEMY update finds you well, finding time to do what you love and enjoying summertime! Our Connect Academy team is gearing up for a great year of learning, supporting our learners strengths, passions and interest, while ensuring we empower social emotional and academic growth! As we come together from all over our school district, we will create a place for students to thrive in a world-class learning environment.

We will use this format of communication to share updates, relevant information and action items for our families. We are always here to be your thought partner, answer questions and listen to your feedback to ensure the learning experience is the best it can be for our learners! #WEARECONNECTACADEMY

In the best interest of each and every learner,

Jill Halsey

Director of Connect Academy & Digital Learning



Let’s show our Connect Academy spirit! Our team will be providing each learner a Connect Academy T-shirt. Please click on the button below and fill out the FORM to share your child’s shirt size. We need this information by Monday, August 2nd at 4 pm.

Here's to keeping you in the know!


  • Twitter Account-Follow us on Twitter! @Connect_PUSD

  • Please note potential moves out of Connect Academy- If there comes a time when you wish to leave Connect Academy and return to a brick and mortar school site, it will be based on seat availability at your school of residence. If your school of residence does not have an open seat in the respective grade level you will be placed at another PUSD site with seat availability.

  • Back to Learning Suggested Supply List!
See here for grades K-5 Suggested Student Supply list by grade level. Grades 6-8 lists coming soon. Lists will also be posted to Connect Academy website on the parent resources page soon.

    1. Kinder supply list- TBD by kindergarten teacher

    2. 1st grade supply list

    3. 2nd grade supply list

    4. 3rd grade supply list

    5. 4th grade supply list

    6. 5th grade supply list

  • Connect Academy Written Agreement: We are collaborating with PUSD leadership to author our Connect Academy Written Agreement. More information will be forthcoming about this soon!

  • Dates to Note: Wednesday, August 18th, 8:30 am - 1st day of school
    1. PUSD student calendar

    2. Connect Academy will be following the PUSD student calendar.

Connect Academy

To inspire strengths and passions as learners develop resilience, kindness, courage, and creativity through a flexible, digital learning experience.