Parent Recruitment Plan

MTE 523 Jessica Pollock May 2, 2016 Samuel Rauls

The Benefits of Getting Involved in the Classroom

  • Supporting your child will have positive rewards
  • Often will reward in better grades
  • Understand what is happening in the classroom
  • Will give an understanding for what can be done at home to assist in the classroom
  • Sets up a line of communication and trust between the parent and child
  • Helps develop communication skills, in general
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Effective Communication Between Parent and Teacher

Contact Methods: Email, Phone Number, Website, Classroom DoJo

  • Emails will be sent out weekly with assignments and updates on the student's work
  • Missing assignments will be posted for the parent to access
  • Emails will be sent out monthly to give the parents a heads up about what we are learning about and will be addressing
  • I am always open for discussions and am grateful for any comments or concerns

Parent Motivation

  • Supporting your children will result in students being more involved and motivated to learn
  • The students will be more likely to behave more because you are involved
  • You feel better as a person and gain personal satisfaction from helping the other students
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District and School Policies on Parents Volunteering

  • Volunteers must first have a background check cleared and their license will be scanned into the system
  • Upon every visit they must report to the office and sign in and out
  • The printed name tag must be worn at all times
  • All volunteers must act in a professional manner and must treat the students fairly
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Expectations for Parents

  • Communicate with the teacher and school personnel before showing up
  • Keep in mind your overall purpose for being in the classroom
  • You are here to assist the teacher when asked; not to judge the teacher
  • Only do what the teacher has asked you to do, do not take it upon yourself to reward or punish the children
  • Also, do not show favoritism
  • Be prepared and ready to work

Classroom Behavior Standards

  • Be respectful of classmates, teachers, visitors, and yourself
  • Silence is expected while the teacher is speaking
  • No bullying
  • Come prepared with all materials