Tech Tip #10

Lightning tutorials to get you going!

News/Educational Channels Thru VBrick

Our district provides a selective variety of useful and mostly news channels to use in your classroom. These channels are accessible through the VBrick system and only when on the network, that is, when you are on campus or at another district location and logged into the network via your credentials.

Check out the channels available to use for your next content-related lesson or activity.

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Locating the VBrick Channels

  1. Go to the LISD homepage
  2. Click on For Employees
  3. Click on e-systems
  4. Scroll down to VBrick Educational Channels
  5. You will find the page in the image above.
  6. Select the channel from the thumbnails to the left.
When you select the channel, it will begin to stream on the right pane. Remember, you must be on the LISD WiFi to access.

You can select full screen as it begins (press esc to return) if you choose. Don't forget to unmute your speakers/check volume.

If you would like more assistance, get in contact with me!