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January is the time of year when most people need help with their fitness resolutions. Well this is true for the normal population. But our swimmers are some of the most disciplined and committed athletes out there. Or just plain crazy! Our swimmers get up before dawn to fit in a workout so they still have time for family and work. And our other swimmers go to a workout once or twice per week while also managing to fit in a yoga class, spin class or train for a triathlon. We are so proud of all of you for taking the time to stay fit and healthy. If you do need help with your new year's goals our coaches and your teammates are here to help you succeed, just ask!

Greenville Splash Swimmer of the Year: Carolyn Moore

Carolyn is an awesome example of someone that exemplifies the spirit of Masters swimming. Her dedication, commitment and perseverance to swimming has paid off this year. Carolyn was reluctant to start competing about 3 years ago due to time constraints. But once she went to one meet she was hooked! She continues to shave seconds from her times. This year she set 31 state records, 4 dixie zone records and has 17 top ten times for USMS. She won 3 National Championships in the 100 breast, 100 fly and 200 IM. She won the 5 mile low country splash open water swim and swam the 12 mile Swim Around Charleston. She also takes time to coach and help others to achieve personal milestones. She is always enthusiastic and ready to lend a helping hand. She manages to take care of her family, work and find time for fitness and competition. She is such a trooper when she competes, she puts her game face on and goes for it! There is nothing that can stop her. She even competed when having a bout with kidney stones and nausea from severe rough salt water. Carolyn's nickname is Mighty Mouse and for good reason!

Sunbelt Swim Meet

Saturday, Jan. 25th 2014 at 8:30am to Sunday, Jan. 26th 2014 at 1pm

800 East Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard

Charlotte, NC

We need you to help us defend our title!

Upcoming Events

Jan. 25-26 SCY Sunbelt Meet, Charlotte N.C. This is our big team event!! We won the overall team award last year. Come help us repeat our title! Come for one or both days. This is the 40 year anniversary of this swim meet. So our team goal is to bring 40 swimmers. We need you for relays! All swimmers need to register with United States Masters Swimming in order to participate. Go to to register.
The entry form for the meet is below
If you are interested in relays, mark those on your online entry.
We are staying in the Uptown Hampton Inn.

Feb. 21-23 South Carolina SCY State Championships, N. Myrtle Beach

March 15 SCY Swim Meet, Greensboro, NC
March 15-16 SCY Swim Meet, Atlanta, GA

March 23 Special Team Event: The Big 5-0! In honor of Sara Bopp we will be swimming 50 x 50's on :50 with 50 people. Workout at Middle Tyger YMCA at 2:00pm

April 10-13 YMCA Nationals, Sarasota, FL. So far Carolyn Moore, Sara Bopp, Casey Oliver, Doug Long, Allan Byer, Troy McAlister, Cheryl Quinn, Jim Osborn, Meg Hudak, Blake Leche Susan Demere, Janice Hebel, Mark Kothe and Leslie Scott are making plans to go. Sara is looking for lodging. Please let us know by mid Jan. if you are interested in renting a house to stay in.

May 24 Low Country Splash Open Water Swim, Charleston, SC

October 13 2014 Bermuda Round the Sound. Be thinking about joining us next year for a choice of 10k, 7k, 4k, 2k or .8k

You'll Shoot Your Eye Out

The coaches and special guest dress up for 5:30am workout!

Team Hoodies Now Available

Order a team hoodie today! These will look great to go to the Charlotte meet or to wear during the winter months to workout. Cost is $20.00. Please place an order with payment and size (small, medium, large or XL) by January 10 to Carolyn or Leslie on the pool deck. You may mail $20.00 check to Leslie Scott 313 Marsh Creek Dr., Mauldin, SC 29662 payable to Leslie Scott.

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The infamous B Team!

Common Mistakes in Freestyle

Below is a great video for beginners. It goes over some of the common mistakes that beginner swimmers make. Head position is important in swimming. Your head should be in alignment with your spine. Your head should stay still and relaxed. Look down when swimming (even some advanced swimmers want to look up). Rotate by leading with your hips this will make you swim more streamline. You don't want to swim flat like a barge. Keep your legs straight and relaxed. Keep fingertips pointed down. Breathe as soon as your hand enters the water. If you are a beginner swimmer work on one skill at a time. Ask a coach to watch you on any of the above skills.

Common Freestyle Mistakes in Swimming


Now is the time to join United States Masters Swimming or USMS. Members need to rejoin every January. This is the governing body and national organization that provides membership benefits to nearly 60,000 members. Benefits to membership include the bimonthly Swimmer magazine, monthly e-newsletters, participation in fitness programs, pool and open water competitions, fitness logs, and online workouts written by professional coaches. Go to to join.