Peter Sutcliffe

By: Brandon B

Early Life

Peter was born on June 2,1946. He had 5 other siblings and was like a father to them because there father was never around.Peter was like a normal person he was nice and enjoyed working out, enjoyed going to the pub or doing sports.But Peter was only like that around his siblings Peter was actually shy and stuff. He hated school because he found it hard to find friends and stuff so he got bullied. As he got older he got bigger through bodybuilding and dropped out of school at the age of 15 then came his first jobs that some called very unusual

How it all started

It all started when Peter enjoyed toying with the corpses and arranging them in grotesque poses. Another job he had was grave digging, he liked to play morbid pranks with the skeletons and was also seen stealing jewelry from the dead. In August 1974 he married Sonia which was the only women he ever dated.And a couple years later he started messing with prostitutes with no one knowing and then one time it was said to be that the start of the killing of women was when one time Peter had a bad experience with a prostitute

What he would do

He would mutilated the stomach and torso area of victims some said he did that because him and hes wife couldn't have kids.