Welcome to Origami Owl!

Team Beagle's Believers

Hello and Welcome!

My name is Jennifer Beagle and I am currently an Executive Team Leader (ETL) with Origami Owl. I am one of your "upline" leaders. Your Mentor, who introduced you to Origami Owl, is one of my amazing downline Designers/Leaders! Together we make up a this TEAM and together we will help you build a successful business!

The information you will read here is designed to help you start your business with tools that will help you be successful. Please be sure to contact your mentor with any additional questions you may have.

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In addition to all of the great resources in the back office, we also have a Facebook group for the active Designers on the team. In these groups we share ideas, help each other, and encourage success. If you are on Facebook we would love to have you join us!