Honesty and Respect

Carson Raper


The theme of my life is honesty and respect can get you far. I have learned from my mom to never lie and always be honest. I have that if you you are honest then people will trust you and believe you are honest. I have also learned from my coaches and teachers that if you respect others you will be respected.


My story takes place in modern time in Norwalk, Iowa. I got to know Blake when I was 10 and that is when my story started. Norwalk is near the capital of Iowa and it is a small town.
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Coach Kuhn

He was my 7th grade football coach and very respectful and kind. He was always respectful to me on and of the field. Everyday I would see him and he would greet me. When he was my coach he would care a lot about football but especially our grades and actions in class.

Coach Nelson

He was my 7th grade track coach that was very honest and respectful about his opinions. During one of my track practices he gave me confidence when he gave me a compliment.

Blake Chittenden

Blake became my friend when I was playing Vikings football at the age of 10. He is a very honest and respectful friend that never talks behind my back. Blake is intelligent and courageous.

Tanner Dunn

I have only known Tanner for a couple of years. I got to know him through another friend Max Sutcliffe because he lives by Max. Tanner also never talks behind my back and he is honest and respectful. He is also intelligent. Tanner is helpful and kind.


1. This theme starts when I was 10 and got to know Blake. We played Vikings football and he was the quarterback while I was the running back. After this we got to know each other better. We hung out all the time and still do. About 3 years ago we started to play basketball together and we still do. Last year he was the quarterback while I was the running back for football.

2. Next is when coach Kuhn was my coach for football. He was my favorite coach. He made football fun and he was just a good coach. I was elected to be a pride group last year and it was always fun to eat and watch film on Thursday mornings last year.

3. The final part of my plot is when coach Nelson was my track coach. I liked him a lot too because he made track fun last year by letting us play capture the flag. One day he also boosted my confidence by telling me that I was good at practice when I had good effort.


The climax is when coach Nelson talked to me about my effort in practice. It showed he had respect towards me to tell me his opinion. I knew he really meant that when I found out he e-mailed my mom. This gave me some confidence in myself and I know I can be successful.