Latin America Road Trip

Ever Kittner

My 4 Destinations are....I will get to each location by....

1. Brasilia, Brazil- plane 2400.36 miles to point 2

2.Caracas, Venezuela- Boat 590 miles to point 3

3.Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic- ferry and car 2801 miles to point 4

4. Brasilia, Brazil

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Brasilia, Brazil

15.7939'S, 47.8828'W

Middle East part of country

Physical Locations- Brasilia beach, Itiquira Falls

Human Locations- Statue of Christ, Brazillian National congress in Brasilia

Accommodation- climate change (rain, flooding, scorching temperature)

Dependence on Government- employment

Movement- metro and bus


language- portuguese

Religion- Christianity

Education- Ministry of Education

Food- Moqueca (fish stew)

Caracas, Venezuela

10.5000'N, 66.9167'W

Northwest part of the country

Physical locations- andes mountains, avila mountain

Human Locations- Centro Financiero Confinanzas, Miraflores palace

Movement- Train and Taxi


Food- Chicha (rice and milk drink)

Language- Spanish

Religion- Catholic

Education- Venezuelean Ministry of Education

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

18.4467'N, 69.9500'W

Southeastern part of the country

Physical Locations- Capella beach, Boca Chica beach

Human Locations- Fortaleza Ozama, Santo Domingo Palace

Movement- taxi or train


Language- Spanish

Food- El Malecon

Religion- Catholic

Brasilia, Brazil

15.7939'S, 47.8828'W

Middle East part of the country

Physical Locations- Paranoa lake

Human Locations- Itamaraty Palace

Movement- taxi or bus

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