Vitamin A

By Meghna 4th period

Roles in the human body

1) Helps strengthen eye vision

2) Helps maintain good quality of skin (smooth and healthy)

3) Helps keep healthy mucous membranes

4) Help with the growth of bones and teeth

5) Helps strengthen our immune system

Vitamin A Deficiency (VAD)

This is the #1 cause of blindness in children. It also makes people more prone to other illnesses and diseases. Most children die around 12 months after they become blind. This can also affect pregnant women because both the child and the mother needs Vitamin A, so deficiencies can cause harm for both of them. Women can become blind, and a high chance of maternal mortality, which is the death of pregnant women.

Food sources






-Leafy Vegetables

-Dark Green vegetables


-Sweet potatoes




And many others......


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