Help Stop Water Pollution

By Madison and Maisy

We Challenge you to help Improve water quality in your community

Here are some ways to complete the challenge

- Use fewer chemicals to clean your house

- Don't flush medication or trash

- Dispose Of waste properly

- Avoid using plastic bags

- Contain compost and yard waste

- Clean up litter in water filled areas

Would you like your water like this or

Like this

Here are some facts on water pollution

- There were 1,152,607 deaths from dirty water and related diseases globally in 2014 the majority of these were children

- Many diseases are in the polluted water and can travel to you through your drinking water

- As of last year the Mississippi river was the most polluted river in the USA with 702,469,748 pounds of direct toxic discharges in the water

- 40% of Americas rivers are too polluted for fishing, swimming, or aquatic life

- Every day 2 million tons of sewage, industrial, and agricultural waste are discharged into the worlds waters

Use the #stoppollutionks to show how you helped stop pollution in your community