Space Junk

Hope you a ready to learn knew things with space junk.

Space junk !!!

Is man made materials that have either blown up or off of rockets another form of space junk is debris that floats around our planet.

Here are some facts about space junk.

  • There are more than 20,000 pieces of space junk the orbit of Earth every day.
  • Astronauts have a very big risk of the rocket blowing up when going into orbit because of the space junk.
  • Space junk can be as small as soft balls and as big as a bus.
  • The most common pieces of space junk are blown up rockets that orbit around our earth.
  • Astronauts need to wear special clothing to be able to go out of the rocket because the space junk can affect their breathing.
  • Space junk can travel as fast as 17000 miles per hour.
  • Space junk is starting to become a danger because of how much there is to the human population and earth itself.
  • Researchers say at NASA that they're over 400 useless satellites up on our solar system that is considered space junk today.
  • NASA is trying to find new ways to clear out the space junk for astronauts and anything else that needs to go through the Earth's atmosphere into space so that they won't care hurt doing well doing it.
  • Since 70% of the earth is water it is very unlikely but possible Dead Space Junk will fall into Earth and if it does it will most likely get burned up by the Earth's atmosphere before even reaching Earth.

Here are some pictures of space junk


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