Poverty in America

By: Jack Meyers and Calab London

Poverty and its effects on people

The number of people in poverty in America is less than 15%, that may sound like a small number, but in fact it is really 45 million Americans struggling to make ends meet, provide food and clothes for their families, give their children a proper education

How the government is dealing with poverty

Single Mothers in poverty

Did you know 60% of single mothers are living in poverty living across the United States with along with their children? This is true facts that single parents have to live and go through everyday right here in America.

Number of Children in Poverty

In the United States 22% of children are living in poverty. This means that they live in bad housing units, they do not get to eat well nourish meals and they do not have the proper clothing to wear throughout the year.
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Government assistance programs

  1. Social Security
  2. Medicare
  3. Medicaid
  4. Food Stamps
  5. Subdivides housing
  6. Unemployment Insurance