Simmental Dairy Cattle

The History and Information about the species Simmental.

Origin and Size

Simmental dairy cattle are one of the most unique cattle breeds in the United States. They are a very easy to manage breed and are known for their high production of milk and strong bones (American Simmental Association). They originated from Switzerland but were imported to America in 1830 (Simmental A History of the Simmental Breed 1). They are dual purpose, so you can use them for milk and meat. The American Simmental Association states, “...bulls typically weight 2200-2800 pounds at maturity and cows weigh about 1200-1600 pounds” (2).


Simmental have many characteristics. “Simmental color varies from gold to red with white, and may be evenly distributed or clearly defined in patches on a white background. The head is often white…” Elsevier from Simmental Cattle states (6). They are very muscular animals and are known for their strong bones. They are also known for their high production of milk (Mackay 6).


There are many varieties of Simmental. Some of them include Pie Rouge of France, Montbeliarde, Abondance, Astro-German Fleckvieh, Swiss Simmental, and Italian Countryside Simmental Peseta Rosa (Breeds of Livestock OSU). Simmental are mainly used for crossbreeding. Because they are crossbred with many cows, you can find them in different colors. Eighty percent of all Simmental are black and white due to generally being crossed with Holsteins and twenty percent are red and white because that’s their purebred color (Holden 3). According to the Breeds of Livestock OSU, “The amazing growth of Simmental cattle in North America is really a reflection of what has already occurred in most agricultural countries of the world” (7).

Simmental Cows and Calves

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