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Friday, December 20, 2019


Mrs. Close's Class ~ Coming in a separate smore.

Mrs. Gleason's Class ~ The class is dividing! The class took a quiz this week, and they did awesome with 2-digit dividends. When we return in January, the class will be dividing 3 & 4-digit dividends. Keep studying those facts. Those kids who are still struggling with their multiplication facts had a more difficult time learning to divide.

Mr. Hart's Class ~ We have started to work on division. We started by looking at division by using place value charts. We then progressed to using the traditional algorothm and the area model. I attempted to give the quiz on this topic yesterday, but the kids struggled quite a bit. When we return from break I will go over the process of division again using the traditional algorithm. Please use some time over the break for the kids to get on IReady, Prodigy, and Xtra Math.


Picture Book Friday ~ Desmond read the perfect book today! How Santa Got His Job had a handful of different lessons!

Explorer Research ~ What a great focus for the week before break! Kids worked with partners to research either Samuel de Champlain, John Cabot, Henry Hudson, or Giovanni da Verrazzno. Then took their notes to create a google slide show. We'll put the finishing touches on after break.

Book Groups ~ Two of the groups have finished their books. After break the kids will be writing book reviews!

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Please, please, please check in with your 4th grader on the condition of their headphones. Many kids don't have them and we use them daily!

iReady Challenge!

See the attachment below!