Proslavery Missourians burn up Lawrence in Kansas!

The bill that started it all!

Illinois senator, Stephen Douglas passed a bill called the Kansas-Nebraska. This bill said the area of Kansas and Nebraska can be either a free or slave state depending of popular sovereignty of Kansas, which was about to be a state. This throws the Missouri Compromise of 1820 out the window since both of those territories supposed to be free states. Both sides, north, the free states and the south, the slaves states, rush over to Kansas to claim the state. This lead to different acts of violence including this.

The horrible attack

Here is what a witness of the attack said:

It was horrible, those ruffians came on horses and attack the town. They set the buildings ablaze and Looted all the banks. They were loaded with revolvers and shot everybody in sight. I saw lots of people die in front of my own eyes. I can't believe there would be people out there with such evil I was lucky to come out of Micheal's Bar unharmed and escape the chaos. When it was all over there was barely anything left from the destruction. I hope those Southerns will get what they deserved and get canned!