(The Great War)


Causes of WW1?The cause of WW1 was the assassination of the archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife on the 28th of june 1914 The Australians involvement in the war:Although the theatres of war were very distant from Australia, its membership of the British Empire ensured that there was strong public support for involvement in the war.The significant battles of WW1 for Australians:There were eight major Western Front battles in which the A.I.F. participated in World War I. In Gallipoli the armed forces of Australia, earned a reputation for effective and gallant service, but it was during the following years on the Western Front that this reputation was confirmed and, indeed, enhanced.The impact of the Great War on Australians at homefront:The impact that it had was that families and friends were scared and worried that their loved ones wouldnt come back. It was also hard for the women because they had to work and look after their childrenThe significance of ANZAC day for Australians:The significance of ANZAC day Is that we Australians can remeber those who faught in the war to save our country


This event is for people of all ages. The event will be a reenactment of WW1 and after the reenactment you will be able to go in the war zone, the trenches and pretend that you are in the war.