Media and Gender Roles/Sexuality

By Vimal Maken

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In today's society, media shows many stereotypes for both men and women. As a result of these stereotypes, people have come to believe that there is an ideal image for everyone. Men must be tall, strong, and violent. Women must be submissive and weak. These gender stereotypes are wrong, and misleading.

How Men Are Portrayed

In Grand Theft Auto 5, there are very distinct stereotypes about men. For one, the successful men in this game are portrayed as violent, tough thugs that wreak havoc on the city by completing various missions involving gangs and drugs. The men are usually involved in drugs, alcohol, and illegal activities. All the regular men do not make money, and are not as successful as all these strong, violent men.

How Females are Portrayed

In this game, females are often portrayed as being submissive and weak. There are little to no women shown as successful and strong. Many of them are shown as prostitutes or sex toys, and this is very misleading and wrong. The game is making it seem as if women are not submissive and do not use their looks to their advantage, they will never be successful.

What Message Is Being Presented by the Media?

The message being presented by the media in this case is very clear. Men must be strong and be very violent and be involved in illegal activities to be successful in life. Women cannot be in a strong position in society, and must resort to using their looks to their advantage to become successful.

Influences on typical Male/Female Decision Making/Behaviour